Prince and Pride

“War?” Risa whispered worriedly, sitting next to Ai in the garden.
“Yes, it was decided that I wasn’t safe in the castle, so they sent me here to request reinforcements. But I can’t just sit and worry while my kingdom crumbles! In the morning, when the troops leave, I’ll be going with them to help defend my nation.”  The cross dressing princess shared her plan. On the one hand, Risa wanted her betrothed safe from harm, their impending marriage only a couple months away, but on the other, she knew the older girl could never be happy with her until her kingdom was at peace again.
“I understand, my love,” She said stoically, “I’ll keep you in my prayers.”

Ai looked pained, “I’m sorry, Risa. I’m so sorry.” she surged forward to kiss her fiance, maybe one of their last.


The night was hot, summer humidity faint in the still spring air. Risa slept with her windows open, only thin sheets on her bare form, her rest fitful and showing with her covers tangled around her body, barely keeping her decency. Ai felt her breath catch at the tempting sight of all that bare flesh, one perky breast unhidden and begging to be tasted and the barest hint of Risa’s freshly plucked mons peeking beneath a slanted sheet.

Dropping her own attire silently, Ai crawled onto the bed, dragging her fingertips across silky flesh and planting butterfly light kisses up long legs. A nibble at a protruding hip bone caused a jump and a moan sounded when her lips closed over the admired nipple. Risa gasped, her eyes fluttering open to take in the sight of her moonlight washed betrothed’s body, kneeling over top of her.

The sheets were strewn from the bed and their bare skin came together with no obstructions, their lips meeting soon after. Ai’s hand shifted down towards a sopping wet opening, two fingers slipping inside with almost no resistance. Risa moaned, hips moving of their own accord to meet her lover thrust for thrust, the sudden pain of her virginity being taken doing nothing to slow her down. The older girl did her best to swallow her cries, but the room still echoed with passionate voices.

As her peak approached, Risa wrapped her limbs around her lover’s body, holding her tight when her muscles shuddered and tensed. Ai rolled over, bringing Risa to lie on top of her as she relaxed, pressing languid kisses along the older girl’s jawline and neck. Kissing more deliberately, the younger girl slowly slid downward, massaging a fleshy breast in one hand while her teeth worried gently at the other. Before long, Ai was grinding along her thigh, trying to get friction where she needed it the most and spreading wetness along slick skin.

Crawling even farther downwards, Risa began to lap up the musky smelling liquid, her nose brushing against a tiny bud that made Ai’s knees shake. Firmly gripping her thighs, the younger girl pulled her lover in tightly, wanting to devour more of her. Ai let out a loud, husky moan, thighs clamping around Risa’s head as she came. When she came back down, Ai tugged Risa up so that their soft cores were touching, thrusting their hips together in ancient rhythm.

They were still quite sensitive, physically and emotionally, so their climax came quickly and in the aftermath, they held each other, hearts beating together. Words didn’t need to be spoken between them, they had said all they needed to in the garden. Now was the time for action. They only took another minute to catch their breaths before rolling over and beginning again.


In the morning, Risa did her best to hide the circles beneath her eyes, watching the army march southward in the light of the rising sun. On horseback, her lover rode, once more a prince and now a soldier. “He” allowed only one last glance over his shoulder before turning back, but the look in his eyes reminded Risa of their promises.

“I want to come back to you.” Ai had whispered, tears streaming down her face, “I can only promise that I’ll fight my hardest and if I do come back, I’ll marry you that day.”

Risa couldn’t see anything else through her own blurry sight, sobbing quietly in the dawn light. It would be three years before she would see her lover again. Three long, lonely years, but they would meet again.


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