Romance Garden

Risa couldn’t keep the boredom off her face, sitting next to her mother in the throne room. In an effort to teach her some skills that were deemed necessary for a ruler to have, her parents had her sit in on their decree making process. It was tedious work, mainly settling squabbles between the towns people. Risa supposed she should be grateful that her kingdom was so peaceful, but still, she was about to keel over from boredom!

Suddenly, a familiar face approached the throne and Risa felt herself perk up, their farthest allied kingdom’s representatives, including her betrothed, had appeared to combat the tedium. “Prince” Takahashi winked at her before bowing to her parents, the delegate addressing them about some small matter or another. Risa wasn’t paying attention, though, already excited about whatever activities the other had planned for them today. “And you, young prince? What brings you to our kingdom this fine day?” the king addressed the slim noble.

“I thought I would tag along to see my fiance and lend my services where needed, of course.” Takahashi said, demurring respectfully, “With your permission, you Majesty.” The king chuckled and then nodded, prompting the “Prince” to hold out a hand to Risa, “Princess?”

“I would be delighted.” Risa didn’t give it another thought, taking her rescuer’s hand and allowing herself to be lead out of the palace and into the sprawling gardens. They were heading to a secluded place that only the two of them knew about, a hideaway that Risa had found when she was a child. This was where they always went when they met, where they went when they wanted to be alone together.

They had met when they were children, when their nations were still new to each other and as a way to seal the alliance, they were promised to each other. When they were little, this just meant they got to spend a lot of time together, but as they grew, so did love blossom. Now they were only a few months away from spring and Risa couldn’t wait until the marriage was finally concrete. And consummated, she shivered. The only problem would be children, she thought as the “Prince” brought her into a hungry kiss, soft breasts pressing against her chest through their bindings.

“Ai.” she breathed as lips moved to her throat, causing her knees to weaken. The older girl obliged, gently lowering her to the soft grass and laying on top of her, supporting her weight with her elbows so that Risa wasn’t crushed.

“I have missed you, my love.” the cross dressing princess whispered once she had finally calmed, “My heart aches in your absence.” they were still tangled together, Ai seeming content to listen to Risa’s heart beat. Completely relaxed in the presence of her betrothed, the younger princess rested her head back on the grass and drifted away.


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