Fleeting Peace

So… I sort of had a request to finish this series. It took me longer than I liked, but here’s to you risa_ai!



She had received missives steadily from her Prince throughout the course of the war. At first, the tone had been uncertain, but optimistic, then strained, and finally, confident. Next to these intimate letters, Risa also received official word about the war going on in their farthest allied provinces so she knew what it was that her love tried to shelter her from; the possibility of defeat.

The content of the letters between the two were unimportant, however, they always said much the same thing anyway. A hope filled report on the battles, then some gossip between the soldiers and at the end, an expression of love.

No, Risa only cared that she still got letters, it meant her betrothed was alive. It meant Ai was still able to come back to her. Two and a half years passed slowly, the young princess found many ways to keep herself busy, barely scheduling in time for sleep. She took up many hobbies, singing, gardening, nursing, martial arts. Risa did everything possible to keep herself from thinking; from crying.

She felt helpless and worse still, in her betrothed’s absence, more suitors came by to try and win her hand, constantly reminding her what she had to lose. She was lonely, she was worried, she felt worthless and she needed to somehow help.

The answer came from her nursing teacher; the troops were being constantly rotated out from the trenches at irregular intervals and sent back to the Forward Command Post for medical treatment and rest before being sent back out to hold the line. They were looking for skilled nurses as volunteers.

The princess didn’t have to think twice. Whether or not her parents thought it was a good idea or not, even they recognized her determination and gave her the go ahead to travel out to help. The trip would be a long one and the accommodations would be unlike anything the young princess was used to, but she felt that this was what she had to do.

It would still be another 6 months before she and her Prince would meet face to face.


“Gaki-san, take the patient in tent 2, room 3.” Risa looked up from assisting her fellow nurse suturing a cleansed bayonet wound as her superior gave her the order. She nodded, discarding her gloves and quickly began making her way across the field, expertly dodging between crates and people that, by now, made up a familiar obstacle course.

As she traveled to her destination, the princess marveled at how she had changed in such a short time. When she first came here, she had been woefully unprepared for everything she could possibly encounter. She never thought of herself as sheltered until she began seeing and hearing the common horror stories that the soldiers and other nurses shared, not just about war, but about life in general.

The first month or so had seen the princess with a constantly red nose and puffy eyes from all the crying she had been doing for various reasons. Her appearance had earned her the nickname ‘Gaki’ because of her resemblance to a child, but Risa was actually thankful, since at first, she’d seen much animosity because of her status. The moniker helped her fit in, helped the others to see her as more normal.

“Mou~!” Entering the assigned tent, Risa’s ears were immediately assaulted by a frustrated cry and she recognized the girl that exited the curtains that made up room 3 with an angrily flushed face.

“What’s wrong Ikuta?” the princess asked her young friend as the girl stripped off her gloves and came over to her.

“The patient is being too stubborn, Niigaki-san!” the girl complained, latching onto her arm, “He refuses to allow anyone to examine him. He says he won’t until all of his men have been treated first, but that could take days and his injury is in danger of becoming infected in that time.” Risa chuckled and patted her head as she whined, “I don’t know what to do!”

The two of them were unlikely companions, even though they both hailed from the same kingdom. Apparently the girl, a daughter of poor dirt farmers, had always harbored a bit of hero worship for the kind princess. She had already taken up nursing as a profession, but when news had spread of Risa’s whereabouts, she’d instantly volunteered herself for this post.

She had told the princess that she’d been more or less fascinated with her ever since Risa’s nationwide touring she’d done for her coming of age. The whole kingdom held a celebration for her sweet sixteen and the princess had traveled around to all the cities and towns in the province. Erina had regaled her with the tale from a commoner’s point of view and, though she had only been seven at the time and it had been ten years ago, she remembered the parade coming through the town square with remarkable detail.

Risa, herself, of course didn’t remember the girl, but Erina had made it a point to make friends with the princess, swiftly worming her way into the older girl’s heart. Risa pushed her away a bit and smiled down at her, “Why don’t you let me try and go get some cool water. You’re looking a little heated there.” she teased gently.

Erina pouted a bit, but complied, “Okay, I’ll come back in a little while, but if you haven’t convinced him by then, I’m going to strap him down and examine him anyway.”

Chuckling a bit more as the girl made her exit, Risa put on a pleasant expression and headed towards the room. A lot of times, soldiers would be stubborn, sometimes to try and impress the nurses with their so-called manliness, other times honor bound commanders like this would think it weakness to be treated before their own men. Risa, with her diplomatic training, was usually pretty good at convincing these people that it was silly to think like that, so they often called her down when a patient was particularly bull headed.

As soon as she entered the curtained area, the commander began to speak, “I’ve already told you, girl that I won’t-” Both parties stopped short as their eyes locked onto one another’s. Risa felt her breath leave her at the familiar sight of her love’s face, totally unprepared to meet her ‘prince’. “Risa.” the cross dressing commander exhaled quietly, shock melting into happiness.

For her part, Risa felt light-headed; of course, she’d come to this specific FCP because there was a greater chance of meeting the other woman when her unit rotated, but she’d never expected to meet like this, “Ai.” she greeted back, taking a few unsteady steps towards the bed, “Ai.” her vision blurred as tears filled her eyes, “Ai!”

The prince held out her arms as the younger girl embraced her gently, still wary of her injuries. They both sobbed together, words failing them, but then, words were never really needed. From a crack in the curtains, an interested eye watched them, the young nurse deciding to let them have their moment.


After they had calmed, it hadn’t taken much convincing to get Ai to strip for an examination and she reclined against the bed in shorts and her chest bindings while the princess expertly cleansed a deep, yet thin gash across her love’s belly. They conversed quietly, catching up on missed time and enjoying being in each other’s presence again.

“I was intending to seek you out, but that girl refused to let me go.” Ai was saying with a bit of consternation.

“Ikuta was threatening to tie you down,” Risa chuckled, “She was worried about infection, she really cares about her patients.” She put in a few stitches as the conversation continued onto mundane things, Ai beginning to stroke her hair as she leaned in closely.

Feeling a change in the atmosphere, Risa glanced up to find smoldering eyes locked onto her. They had only been together once, but desire for her love was still familiar and the princess felt it start to burn through her lower stomach. Putting the last stitch in, she helped Ai sit up and move so that she was seated on the edge of the bed, back to Risa.

The nurse examined her back, noting many shallow cuts and some dark bruising, but nothing she deemed serious. Still, it should probably still be cleaned; she reached for a cloth that was soaking in a basin of warm water and rang it out. Then she pressed the rag gently to her lover’s back, beginning to wipe away and dirt and sweat that lingered.

She kept the strokes deliberate and felt Ai tremble underneath her as she washed her upper back. Pausing for a moment, Risa reached for her chest bindings, “It would make it easier if you take these off.” she whispered, voice coming out huskily. The prince merely nodded and let her have her way, the nurse gently began to unwind the bindings, making sure to brush against Ai as much as possible.

The prince moaned when slim fingers tweaked a nipple in passing, Risa growing more bold in her touches as she kissed the older girl to muffle her noises. The bindings eventually fell away and the princess stroked freed breasts with one hand while the other worked the damp cloth across expansive skin. It didn’t take long for Ai’s upper body to be cleaned and Risa set the rag aside so that she could have both hands to explore her lover with.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called from the other side of the curtains, “Niigaki-san?” The lovers sprang apart, faces flushed and panting.

“Yes, Ikuta?” The princess inquired, trying to keep her breath as steady as possible.

“We need to get back to work.” she reminded and Risa remembered that she had been in the middle of her shift.

“Ok, give me another moment.” she called, watching Ai expertly wrap her chest again. She helped the commander put on her uniform shirt, kneeling in front of her to button it up, “We’ll meet later, after I’m done. Maybe you’ll be well enough to come to my room in the main building?”

Ai smiled at her hopeful tone, just as eager to be together again, “Of course. No one could keep me away from you now.”


As soon as Risa finished her shift, she grabbed a quick snack and headed back to her quarters in the main building. The building itself was mostly offices, but it housed a few nurses, doctors and commanders as well. When it became clear that the princess was drawing animosity from her peers, her superiors had decided to isolate her from the barracks. At the time it had the opposite effect as intended, but now Risa was glad to be able to have time to herself.

As she entered the room, she immediately set her sights on the waiting occupant. Alone time was good, but, she amended, any time alone with just her betrothed was better. The princess barely had time to lock the door before she was being pleasantly assaulted. The energy between them was charged and rushed, especially following Risa’s unintentional tease from earlier. Neither girl was sure if they’d even make it to the bed or even if they would bother getting undressed. Ai had already shoved one hand beneath Risa’s skirt, rubbing against swiftly dampening panties, while the other hand was trying to assist the princess in getting into her shorts, but fumbling with her pants buckle.

Frustrated, the prince just directed her lover to rub her through the cloth, at this rate, it wouldn’t take either of them long anyway, they could worry about obstacles later. Sure enough, Ai was the first to begin shuddering, struggling to keep her hand moving in her sudden rush of pleasure. As she came down, her fingers steadied and she slid them beneath soaked panties to touch warm flesh for the first time in three years.

Risa tried to hold on, tried to prolong the encounter, but as soon as slick fingertips brushed deliberately against her clit, she moaned loudly and her muscles started to clench. Ai held her as she came, stroking her hair with her free hand until the princess let out of satisfied sigh and began to relax. Wordlessly, after a long moment, they started to undress; now more calm, they easily stripped themselves and went to lay on the bed together.

They kissed languidly, laying on their sides, Ai caressing a small breast and Risa stroking her lover from thigh to hip and back. They intertwined their legs together, pressing firmly up against warm wetness; the princess tugged on her lover’s butt, pulling her into a slow grind. They took their time, thrusting together passionately, enjoying the build up to the next release. Their moans and sighs filled the room before lips connected and muffled sound. Their dance would continue throughout the night and late into the morning, the lovers having a lot to catch up on.


The next day, Risa left Ai with a quick kiss as she rushed to not be late for her shift. The whole day she couldn’t keep her mind off the older girl, dreaming about the next time they would meet. Even Ikuta commented on how distracted she’d seemed; thankfully, the day was over with quickly and Risa headed back to her quarters.

Once again, her prince was waiting for her, this time with dinner waiting and pouring over a stack of reports she’d neglected the night before. The princess smiled in relief, having half expected to come back to an empty room, meeting Ai again having been just a figment of her overworked mind. The older woman looked up with a smile when she entered the room, standing to greet her with a kiss.

“Keeping busy I see.” Risa commented, indication the pile of papers on her desk as she began to change out of her uniform.

“Yes, there are many things to go over, reports on the men’s health, battle updates, requisition requests from the quartermaster, even, need reviewing.” Ai gave a tired shrug, “My work is never done.”

“It sounds like you’re already preparing to leave.” Risa stated in surprise as she sat down at the small table the held their dinner, two bowls of stew and some bread.

“Yeah, I know. My superiors only want to know when we’ll be ready to move back out. They’re preparing for a final push that they think will win us this war.” Ai tossed the papers in her hand aside and joined her lover at the table. “Still, it looks like we’ll be here a few weeks while everyone heals up.”

“Good.” Risa nodded, not too keen on letting Ai go back into the field just yet, as her nurse as well as her fiancé. “Thanks for the food.” she gave a quick prayer, echoed by Ai, then they dug in, silence falling for a little while.

After finishing their meal, Risa headed over to crawl into bed, grabbing a small book along the way. After a moment, she was joined by Ai and her reports. They both propped up in bed to read and after a while, Ai began to laugh, “Look at us, not even officially married yet and we’re already like an old couple.”

The princess joined in the merriment, “We can play after you finish those reports.” She teased, giggling when fingertips skimmed across her arm.

“Ooo, promise?” Ai asked saucily, getting a shove for her trouble. The two laughed and joked for a little while, the prince slowly slogging through her reports until she was done.

“It’s probably time to change your bandage, you know?” Risa mentioned, setting her book aside and getting out of bed. Ai watched her rummage for a med kit with a sigh, “Lay flat and lift your shirt.”

The prince quickly complied, scooting down and moving to reveal the white gauze secured to her lower belly. Risa came back to the bed, having sterilized her hands as well, and began to untie the thin bindings. Once they had been set aside, she leaned in close to examine the stitched area, it was red and a tad swollen, but she couldn’t detect any form of infection and it already seemed to be healing.

“It looks good.” Risa murmured, beginning to place a fresh bandage on, fingers torturously gentle on Ai’s sensitive belly. The nurse looked up at her love’s face when she heard a quick intake of air, finding the prince with flushed cheeks and half lidded eyes.

“Risa.” The older woman breathed, lifting her hips as the princess began to tug her pants down. After a few moments, she felt lips dragging lightly against her bared flesh, a tongue lapping at musky wetness. The med kit lay forgotten beside them as they soon got lost in their passions once more.


The next morning, before the sun had risen, Risa found herself awoken by a pounding on her door, “Niigaki-san~!” An excited voice calling from the other side, “ Wake up! Wake up!”

Propelling herself out of bed, Risa put on a robe and made for the door, “What is it?” she asked in groggy concern, swinging the wooden barrier open to find Ikuta on the other side.

“We won~! We won! The war is over! The enemy surrendered just a few hours ago.” Unable to contain herself, the younger girl threw her arms around the stunned Risa, barging halfway into the room. She gasped when she noticed the other occupant coming over to join them, having hastily pulled on her pants and half buttoned her top, leaving a fair bit of skin exposed.

“It’s over?” The commander asked incredulously, beginning to hear the sounds of celebrating outside the room. Whoops and cheers and victory songs filled the air and she grinned, turning Risa around to find happy tears streaming down her cheeks around her own bright smile. They fell together in a passionate embrace, sharing the happiness between their lips.

After a long moment, they parted, oblivious to Ikuta’s blushing face and fascinated gaze, “Let’s get married.” Risa breathed out, “Right now.”

Ai’s grin couldn’t be any wider, “Ok.”

So they did.


Their parents were obviously upset that the two had eloped with only Ikuta and Ai’s second in command as witnesses, so when they made it back to Ai’s castle, a huge celebration was thrown. They agreed to tour from Ai’s country to Risa’s throwing parties in every major city they stopped in until they reached the princess’s home, where the tour would end in a ball and banquet. The newlyweds couldn’t have been happier, of course, showing each other every chance they got.

Risa gasped, tossing her head back when Ai’s fingers hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her. The prince’s lips were enclosed over a hardened nipple and the younger girl bounced up and down in her lap and on her thrusting fingers. They were intertwined on the bed, sheets in disarray around them as they made love, not for the first time that night.

“Ah~ Ai!” Risa cried out as her peak hit her furiously, body shuddering in release as the older girl stilled her hands, feeling wetness gush over her knuckles. The prince laid back as her lover caught her breath, resting on Ai’s chest. “You are wearing me out.” The younger girl confessed, panting lightly.

The prince just laughed, “Well, you only have to deal with it for another 24 days.” she joked, “Then the tour will be over and we’ll be too busy arguing over where to live.”

Lifting her head up, Risa caught her love’s eyes seriously, “I hope I only have to deal with it for the rest of my life.” She punctuated her statement with a deep kiss, wandering hands triggering yet another passionate round of love making. Ai definitely had to agree, her next words coming out as a moan.


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