Ai smiled and rolled her eyes as her girlfriend dragged her around the crowded mall by her hand. The younger girl was so excited that they had a day off together that she was exploring the local shops as though she hadn’t lived in this city practically her whole life. They’d been at this all […]

“Give it back you brat!” Called out a familiar voice playfully as two small figures zoomed past Risa’s sight, one holding a book aloft while the other gave frantic chase. The young captain chuckled quietly as she watched Ai run after Eri in an attempt to get her entertainment back. Just anther day in paradise […]

So, I’m not really much of a blogger, but I figured I’d start a fanfiction blog, since those seem oh-so popular these days. It’s mainly just an excuse to post all of my short little pervs that seem to pop out of my head whenever, but I’ll also put up stuff that’s unfinished and I […]