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Romance Garden

Risa couldn’t keep the boredom off her face, sitting next to her mother in the throne room. In an effort to teach her some skills that were deemed necessary for a ruler to have, her parents had her sit in on their decree making process. It was tedious work, mainly settling squabbles between the towns […]


Worth a Thousand Words

“Ai-chan~!” Risa squealed, bringing her phone up to snap a picture, “Hold still~!” “Nooo~ Stop it. Stoo~p!” The older girl whined in a baby voice, trying to snap her own picture while avoiding Risa’s camera phone. Their managers paused in their conversation to watch them in amusement. “You did the same to mee~!” Risa cried, […]

Random Non-Perv #1

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She lived a normal young girl’s life, playing with dolls and making pies in the sand with the other girls and staying away from boys because boys are icky. She was content with this life until one day, she saw a girl playing with the boys. […]