Worth a Thousand Words

“Ai-chan~!” Risa squealed, bringing her phone up to snap a picture, “Hold still~!”

“Nooo~ Stop it. Stoo~p!” The older girl whined in a baby voice, trying to snap her own picture while avoiding Risa’s camera phone. Their managers paused in their conversation to watch them in amusement.

“You did the same to mee~!” Risa cried, giving up and laughing, phone next to her cheek. She repeatedly clicked the button, catching a blur of motion and then her friend paused, bring her own phone up to her face, hiding neatly behind it.

“Aww~ Come on. That’s not fair.” she giggled at Ai’s silliness. The older girl plopped down in a chair next to her and laughed heartily, Risa joining in her merriment after a moment of pouting.

“Alright girls.” Ai’s manager said with a grin, “Think you two adults can stay out of trouble while we go run an errand?” They nodded, smiling sheepishly. After they had left the room, both remaining gokkies looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“So.” Risa began when they had calmed, “Are you going to put that on your blog?” she smiled affectionately at the older girl.

“Mm-hm.” Ai nodded, flicking through her phone. “Most of them are all blurry though.” She paused and grinned, “Except this one.” she showed the picture to Risa, who blushed. She looked silly, obviously laughing and letting loose.

Shaking her head, she began to flip through her own pictures, “Well I think I’m going to post two. I know I got a great still shot of you somewhere and maybe one of the blurry ones, too.” she found the one she was looking for and grinned brightly, imagining her friend’s own bright grin, hidden behind her phone. She looked up to show Ai which one and found herself cut off before she even began by a soft, warm pair of lips. “Mmm.” she moaned in surprise, automatically wrapping her arms around the older girl.

Closing her eyes and tilting her head, Risa relaxed into the kiss, feeling a hand resting on her knee. A sudden, mechanical click made her eyes snap open and she pulled away, glancing curiously into Ai’s own half lidded orbs. “I think I”m going to keep this one for myself, though.” the older girl said lowly, turning her phone around to show the moment she’d just captured. Risa stared at the image of them lip locked, faces a mask of happiness and ecstasy.

She felt red rise up in her cheeks, “You think I can get a picture, too?”


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