Random Perv #2

‘Are you alone?’ Risa blinked at the strange message on her phone. She was just enjoying some girl talk with her sister in their Hokkaidou hotel room when her lover had sent this to her.

‘No. Why?’ she quickly responded.

‘Grab some headphones and go into the bathroom.’ the next message commanded.

Risa quickly obeyed, telling her sister that she was going to take her bath now. Even through the screen, Risa could tell what mood Ai was in and she reacted accordingly.

After turning on the faucet and getting comfortable on the toilet lid, another message came through, ‘Make sure you have your headphones in.’ was the title of the video message and Risa obediently followed, pressing play when she was ready.

The screen was quickly filled with pink, her ears assaulted with heavy breathing. It took her a moment to figure out what it was she was looking at, but when the camera pulled away a bit and slim fingers began to stroke the familiar area, Risa gasped. She was looking at Ai’s…! The shape of her womanhood was clearly recognizable to someone who had seen it so many times. Risa felt saliva fill her mouth involuntarily as memories of Ai’s smell and taste filled her head.

She could hear the slick sound of Ai pleasuring herself, could hear the older girl’s moans and sighs, some of which was her name, Risa could even see her flowing wetness as it dripped down to the bed. She began to breath heavier as well, her own hand slipping down to touch her panty covered crotch. From the sound of it, Ai was pretty close to orgasm, she must have primed herself for the video, Risa guessed. The younger felt her own body tense as her lover’s moans reached a crescendo. Her thighs clenched and her muscles spasmed, a slight bit of juice squirting out and just missing the camera.

Risa was surprised by how little wetness there was, usually Ai was a veritable fountain, something that had surprised Risa at first but now she found incredibly sexy. “Ah~” Ai finally sighed, the signal that let Risa know she was relaxed. The camera moved up to the older girl’s face and she blew a kiss, “I really miss you. Heh, my body really misses you, too.” She grinned, “Doing it myself just isn’t satisfying anymore, look how little came out.” she waved her wet fingers then began to clean them with her tongue, a sight that sent jolts through Risa’s body. “Send me a video back, I wanna know how much you miss me, too.”

Risa stared at the screen with a blush after it went blank. A video? She couldn’t! The way her fingers kept moving against her own damp underwear, though, proved otherwise. Soon, she slid off her panties and pulled up the edge of her nightgown to clamp between her teeth, the camera of her phone angled enough to get most of her body in the frame. It was already recording when she pushed two fingers inside her warm snatch, a moan choking off in her throat. It felt awkward to touch herself like this again, it really had been a long time since she’d felt the need, even before she and Ai started dating, she hadn’t touched herself much. In fact, Ai was the one to introduce in her the need to feel this pleasure and had almost always taken care of her when it arose.

That didn’t mean she didn’t know what would make her get off, though, curling her fingers, she touched a spot that made a shiver run through her whole body. Her brows furrowed and her jaw clenched as she struggled to keep her moans down to throaty whimpers. It wouldn’t be long before she would explode as long as she kept up that pressure. As her hips began to shift restlessly as though trying to escape from the feelings coursing through her, her mind conjured up images of her lover during their private times.

She remembered a time not long ago when Ai had requested a show much like this, sitting at the end of the bed while Risa touched herself. Her eyes half lidded in lust, her mouth curled into a sexy, pleased grin. Her voice had brushed over Risa’s ears like liquid velvet as she described the things she was seeing and how turned on the show was making her. It was undoubtedly one of the more kinky things they’d done together and though she’d definitely liked it, Risa had been much too embarrassed to ask if they could do it again, maybe reversed next time.

Her breath began to come out harshly through her nose as Risa struggled to keep her voice down, her own fingers once again bringing her to the heights of ecstasy. Her jaw clenched as her orgasm ripped through her, Ai’s face flashing again in her mind. She shivered and shuddered for a moment, not nearly as long as the moments her lover had induced in her, and then relaxed. She pulled her fingers out of herself to inspect them and then begin to shyly clean them off, she knew the site would excite Ai more. “I’ll be home soon.” she promised before ending the video and sending it, triple checking that it was heading to the right person. Then she sighed and climbed into the full bathtub.

About ten minutes later, another message came through her phone. ‘Soon. Love you’ Was all it said, but Risa smiled, understanding the full extent of her lover’s words


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