Random Perv #1

Ai smiled and rolled her eyes as her girlfriend dragged her around the crowded mall by her hand. The younger girl was so excited that they had a day off together that she was exploring the local shops as though she hadn’t lived in this city practically her whole life. They’d been at this all morning and it was almost time to head back to drop everything off at Risa’s apartment before they went to lunch. Well, really only Ai had stuff to drop off, since she was carrying all her girlfriend’s bags. She grinned, looking down at the mountain hanging off her arm. She liked it, really she did, but it was starting to cut off the circulation to her hand.

“I just have to run in here real quick. Wait here.” Risa said as they stopped in front of a lingerie store. The grin wouldn’t leave Ai’s face as the blushing bean exited the store a little while later, demurely clutching her bag to her chest. “Shut up.” she preceded her thus far silent companion.

During the walk back to the apartment, Risa seemed to regain her previous excitement, grabbing Ai’s hand and marching determinedly onward, mouth moving a mile a minute and dominating the conversation again, as Ai had let her do all day. They finally made it back to the apartment and Ai dropped the bags near the door, immediately surging forward to attack her girlfriend with her lips. Having expected it, Risa immediately submitted with a whimper, falling backwards onto the couch with Ai on top of her like an animal.

Growling, the older girl ripped Risa’s shirt open, the buttons flying across the room and her chest heaving into the open air. “Ai~” she whined, her hands instinctively going to cover herself. The attacking monkey grinned and leaned down to nip and bite her knuckles and fingers.

“I wanna see what you bought today.” she murmured against the abused flesh, “Put it on for me now?”

“No, it’s for tonight.” Risa protested, gasping when she suddenly found her skirt on the floor, “Ah, god!” eager fingers stroked between her legs, feeling her readiness through thin fabric.

“Hmm, are you sure you won’t give in to me?” Ai giggled huskily, knowing that the younger girl had been expecting this all day by how wet she was, “You know I can be cruel.” Risa had been as worked up about this as she had.

“Mmm~ Nooo~” she squealed when sneaky fingers slipped beneath her covering and teased her. Ai knew she would stick to her answer, just as Risa knew she’d never actually make her wear the lingerie unless she wanted to, but Ai was going to have fun trying to get her to change her mind.

Risa moaned deeply when two fingers penetrated her hot organ, Ai’s giggles floating up to her from below her waist. She only had a second to register where her girlfriend’s head was before she felt a warm tongue connect to her clit. With a cry, Risa arched off the couch, still as sensitive to Ai’s touch as she was the first time they were together. She needed this so badly, it had been ages since they’d been able to be alone together and masturbation had stopped cutting it. It wasn’t going to take very long for her to blow.
Flicking her tongue and pumping her fingers, Ai listened to her lover’s cries and moans reach a fevered pitch, hips bucking frantically and then freezing when her orgasm hit. Risa keened in the back of her throat, her muscles spasming in pleasure as those fingers continued to move, drawing it out longer. Finally she relaxed, falling back onto the couch and feeling completely relaxed. Ai smiled, watching her with her head resting against Risa’s knee.

As Risa caught her breath, Ai suddenly stood up and shimmied out of her ripped jeans and thong, eyes locked to her lover’s. The bean reached out to draw her in and lead her close to knee over her, Risa scooting downward so that her mouth was level with her goal. Ai hissed at the first tentative flick of that tongue, her hips arching forward when it retracted teasingly. The younger girl only did it once more before giving up on foreplay and diving in, tongue thrusting as far inside as she could go and her nose brushing against her swollen clit.

The older girl dissolved into a submissive, moaning puddle, her pelvis moving in time to her lover’s long muscle. Risa grinned at her eagerness, happy to see she wasn’t the only one who missed their time together. It was obvious that Ai had been waiting for the next time they’d be together again, she was so sensitive and vocal. Usually the older girl quietly sighed and bit her lip against other sounds, but today, her mouth fell open and lewd cries issued forth. The younger girl felt fingers thread through her hair, pulling almost painfully at the short strands as the muscles around her tongue spasmed wildly.

“Risa~!” Ai called out and the bean felt a warm lightning shoot down to her groin at the unusual noise. She lapped up the juices that flowed, looking up to watch the pleasure go across Ai’s face. When the older girl finally backed away she looked down lovingly and giggled at the wetness that was smeared across Risa’s mouth and chin. She bent down and kissed the shining juices, licking them off her lover’s face. Then they shared a deep kiss, sharing the taste between them, “I’m sure that lunch won’t be nearly as tasty.” Ai joked, gaining a giggle from her girlfriend.

Ai lay propped up in bed, one leg out straight, the other bent up at an angle. Soft music played and the lights were down low. She stared at the bathroom door in front of her with half lidded eyes, waiting and watching the shadows play under the door crack as Risa moved about inside. It was late in the evening and she was anxious for her fashion show, laying out in her own lacy red number. The anticipation was beginning to have a pronounced affect and she ran her fingers up and down her flat belly, tingles traveling her spine.

Licking her lips, her hand went lower, gently stroking her wet heat through her panties and building up her excitement more. Her bent leg fell to the side to give herself better access and her fingertip circled slowly around her sensitive clit. Suddenly, the bathroom door creaked open and there stood Risa in her new purchase. They both froze and stared at each other, Ai taking in the black, lace corset with white trim and ties up the side and matching bikini cut silk underwear and Risa staring at her lover touching herself sensually. After a pause, Ai let a lazy smile spread across her face, her hand continuing it’s motion while her other began to draw circles on her belly.

Risa blushed, but felt a bolt of desire flash through her, nothing turned her on more than knowing the girl wanted her. Slowly, she let her eyes flutter closed and started to lightly hum to the stereo, feeling the beat fill her body, her hips swaying, her legs moving. Her hands trailed up her body, tracing her breasts, her neck, her face, then back down, her ribs, belly, hips. Ai began to pant, stroking herself more deliberately and Risa opened her eyes, meeting those lust filled half lidded orbs with her own cloudy chocolate eyes.

The younger girl climbed on her knees on the bed, stalking towards her lover, bending low to make sure Ai got a good view of her cleavage. She saw the older girl’s eyes flicker lower and smirked, leaning down suddenly to begin to plant kisses along her calf. Ai jumped at the fluttering feeling, a moan emitting from her throat as those kisses went higher, up her knee, her thigh, then dropping across her knuckles. A tongue poked between Ai’s fingers and touched against the fabric of her panties, against her little bump and she moaned again. Risa looked up at her with a grin, happy to hear these out of character sounds, and reached her hands up to grip the waistband of the red silk and gently pull them down…..


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