Random Non-Perv #1

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She lived a normal young girl’s life, playing with dolls and making pies in the sand with the other girls and staying away from boys because boys are icky. She was content with this life until one day, she saw a girl playing with the boys. Now this boggled her little mind, because boys are icky and play icky boys’ games like tag and kickball and things that made you sweat. She always watched this girl play everyday, so much so, that she didn’t even realize she wasn’t playing with dolls or making sand pies anymore because all her attention was focused on this girl.

They grew up in the same schools and she always watched this girl as around her, her friends began to change. Instead of playing with dolls, they gossiped about other girls. Instead of thinking boys were icky, they thought boys were dreamy. But the little girl, though she wasn’t so little anymore, didn’t change and neither did the girl she watched, still playing with the boys.

And her friends grew up ever more, leaving her behind to watch, their only thoughts now on kissing dreamy boys. The little girl began to notice that the rough girl never kissed any boys, instead she seemed to be friends with them as though she were one of them and they treated her as such. One day, as she played baseball out on the field in gym, the young girl watching as always, something strange happened. The rough girl looked up and caught the young girl’s eye. The little girl felt her breath catch and her face heat up at the sight of those honey brown orbs and she knew she was in love.

The moment lasted only for that moment before the rough girl continued with her game and the young girl sat down heavily on the bleachers, having not realized that she stood. Now the young girl watched her admired even closer than ever, she began to notice everything about her, her favorite foods, her favorite outfits, her favorite expressions. She noticed that even though she hung out with the boys, she most definitely was not boyish and she had a peculiar accent and off centered eyes. She loved meat and karaoke, even though her friends hated to go with her because she hogged the microphone, and she was trying to get into modeling. Every new thing she learned only made the girl more charming in her eyes.

Alas, though, the young girl was far too shy to admit her feelings, so she had no choice but to watch from afar. Each day that passed, she began to become more and more worried that someone else would notice how great this rough girl was and snatch her up, but her damned nerves wouldn’t even let her think of confessing. As yet another lonely Valentines Day prepared to come and come, the young girl sulked at her desk during lunch when everyone had left. A tentative voice snapped her out of her thoughts and brought her surprised attention to the object of affections, standing in front of her and holding out a box of chocolates.

“Hmm, Niigaki-san, please accept my feelings.” the rough girl said, almost timidly, stunning the young girl speechless. Was the one she’d loved for so long actually confessing to her? She couldn’t believe it.

She reached out to lay her palm against the girl’s wrist, making her jump and look down curiously. Still not convinced, the bean raised her arm and pinched it harshly, “Ouch!” she yelped.

“What are you doing?” the rough girl asked incredulously at her odd, but lovable girl.

“Just making sure I’m not dreaming you up, Tanaka-san.” Risa said happily, taking the chocolates gently, “How about we share, hmm? You love chocolate don’t you, must have been hard to give a box away.”

Reina blinked in surprise for a moment before a relieved grin spread across her face, “Yeah, of course! Let’s!”


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