My Tresor

The others wondered why, if she so hated their Chief, did she stay at Tresor? Miyu loved fashion and wasn’t half bad, she could get a job anywhere else. Why stay, then? Sometimes, Miyu wondered herself, but on those days, she was reminded.

“Miyu~” Called that familiar voice, giggling lightly. The tone sent shivers down her spine and she shifted, trying vainly to catch a glimpse of her tormentor through the blindfold. Her shoulders ached from where they had been stretched above her head, secured to a hook in the ceiling that usually held a simple plant. Her biceps brushed against her dark colored fedora as she shivered again, the chill of the room rising goosebumps on her flesh bared underneath her black vest, the only bit of cloth still on her upper torso. Her hard nipples scratched painfully against the soft material and she rubbed her legs together at the pleasurably grating sensation, feeling a dampness grow in her lacy, black, silk panties.

They’d had this quiet little arrangement since not long after Miyu had started working at the store, though it had not started out quietly at all. As soon as she met the Chief, it became apparent that the girl was just a little ball of neurosis. She hadn’t been working for her for very long before it also became clear that she was a pushover. At the end of a long, fruitless day, Miyu had snapped at Koko, telling her off in front of the rest of the employees at the time and storming off in her usual, dispassionate way. She definitely hadn’t expected that neurotic pushover to attack her in the store room.

As she was gathering her things to leave, Miyu felt a strong shove from behind knocking her off balance. Before she could fall, though, a rough hand grabbed her wrist and jerked her around, a lithe body pinning her against  a wardrobe box. Her wide, stunned chocolate gaze met Koko’s fiercely glinting dark eyes. “Wh-What the hell?!” she exclaimed, but it just made the Chief’s glare stronger.

“Whatever you think you know about me, you don’t. You’re not quitting, so don’t even think about it and you are never to disrespect me in front of the others like that, ever! I don’t care if you give me a little sass now and again, but that was outright rude, and in front of the younger girls, too! I won’t let you undermine my authority.” Koko growled dangerously.

“What authority?” Miyu snarled back, trying her best to ignore the fear she had suddenly gained from the normally placid girl’s uncharacteristic assault. “The only reason you have any control over these girls is because all of them are too damn nice to tell you what a fuck up you are.” Without warning, Miyu found herself jerked off the wardrobe box and shoved face down onto the small card table that was set up for them to put their personal items on if need be. It groaned under the force of her weight being forcibly bent over it, but held. She felt her skirt flipped up to expose her panty shorts clad bottom to the air, “What the-!” She cut herself off with a sharp gasp as Koko brought a folded up leather belt down hard onto her sensitive cheeks “Ah!”

Again and again, the belt made contact, slapping against her round ass loudly, her cries echoing in the room. Miyu found herself unable to believe the situation she found herself in, bent over a table and being spanked by her store Chief in a way that she’d never had happen, even as the willful child she was. Words couldn’t even form for her to yell at Koko, to ask her to stop, to apologize, anything! Her face was turned towards the older girl, cheek down on the table and she stared at her pretty face, frowning cutely in her concentration of the task. Finding her will again, Miyu suddenly bit down on her bottom lip, silencing her yells and gaining Koko’s full attention. The Chief looked up at her, meeting her glaring eyes with a challenging stare of her own.

Pausing in her actions, Koko smirked and focused back on Miyu’s now pink cheeks. She reared back with the belt again and brought it down, but this time, changed the angle of her descent. The top of the belt crashed painfully onto the younger girl’s right upper thigh, while the body of it landed smack across a much more sensitive part. Miyu’s eyes bulged at the feeling that shot through her, a pleased moan bubbling and dying in her throat. Again that belt crashed down just as hard and a whimper emitted from the younger girl’s throat, lighting her face up with blood. She caught a glimpse of Koko’s grinning face as she raised the leather strap again, but turned away so that her tormentor wouldn’t see the pleasure that flashed across her own. She couldn’t help it, between the spanking, the domination and the person who was doing both, Miyu was getting very turned on.

Her underwear was a light color and she knew Koko could see it quickly darken with her juices, knew because the belt stopped coming down against her abused flesh and instead the older girl’s hand began to rub against her tender core. Nimble fingers found her clit and rubbed, pinched and flicked, before tugging her panty shorts down, the silky material binding her at the knees. Miyu groaned, at this point only wanting her release, and pushed back against the teasing digits that dipped into her wetness to try and get them to go inside.

“Ah ah.” A highly amused voice scolded, “What’s the magic word?” Miyu pouted stubbornly, biting the inside of her mouth lightly, refusing to give in. “All you have to do,” the voice said as hands caressed a shapely bottom and a lithe shadow sunk lower, “Is say, ‘Please, Koko.’ Say it.” The younger girl puffed out her cheeks with an aggravated sigh. She could feel a warm breath of air against her sopping wet opening when the Chief chuckled, “Say~ It~” More deliberately, a stream of cool air was blown on her clit, making her shiver, “Come on~!” Koko whined.

Miyu was stubborn, but when a warm, soft muscle began to lap up the juices around her lower lips and away from where she needed it the most, she cracked, “Please.” she whimpered, “Please, Koko, please!” Happy with the submission, the older girl plunged two fingers into Miyu’s snatch and began flicking her tongue against a swollen bud, her muscle catching any stray juices gravity saw fit to bring to her. The younger girl let herself be swept away by pleasure, the room soon filling with her cries again.

“Miyu~” that teasing voice called again, now sounding directly in front of her, “Ah, you look so nice hanging from my ceiling. Kinda like a living piece of art.” As she spoke, Koko moved forward and Miyu smirked, ready to show her that she wasn’t just willing to stand there and look pretty. Grabbing onto the hook above her, the younger girl used the leverage to hoist herself up and wrap her legs around the now gasping Chief, pulling her in closely.

“You should know better by now than to underestimate me, Koko.” Miyu scolded, locking her legs around her captor’s pelvis. She tilted her head down to rest against the older girl’s shoulder, maneuvering so that the blindfold slid down her face to rest around her neck. Now that she could see, Miyu savored the last bit of Koko’s surprise, watching it turn into a bit of pleasant fear. They both knew that if she really was to struggle, Koko could over power the still handicapped Miyu, but then the game wouldn’t be any fun.

Examining her tormentor a bit more closely, the younger girl felt a spike of liquid heat shoot to her groin. The Chief was completely naked, the only thing she wore was a thin chained golden necklace with a K charm on it. A present from Miyu for her birthday last year. She hadn’t presented it in front of the others at work, instead waiting until after one of their sessions.

Koko tugged gently at Miyu’s panties and the younger girl released her hold to allow them to be removed. When they landed on the floor, she brought her left leg up to wrap around the Chief’s waist and the right leg hooked underneath Koko’s left leg, forcing the older girl to wrap her arms around Miyu’s neck and bring her own left leg up around her waist. It was an awkward balance for a moment, but then their openings brushed together and they moaned. Grinding together, Koko threw her head back in pleasure, feeling Miyu attach her lips to a hard nipple and suck lightly, almost lovingly, before shifting over to the side of her breast and biting harshly enough to leave a mark. The pain just enhanced the pleasure and Koko gave a gasping moan, raking her nails along Miyu’s back.

Beginning to whimper, the younger girl felt that she was close, grinding away with abandon and being met thrust for thrust by Koko. It wasn’t long before they were shuddering together in release, legs still interlocked together. Miyu let her feet hit the ground hard, her aching arms finally getting a bit of a rest, panting against the Chief’s shoulder. Koko held her gently as they came down, pulling back when the younger girl raised her head so that their noses brushed together. The urge to kiss rang through them, but although they had already crossed a lot of lines, this was one they couldn’t yet. Instead, Miyu dipped back down to flutter her lips against Koko’s throat.


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