“Give it back you brat!” Called out a familiar voice playfully as two small figures zoomed past Risa’s sight, one holding a book aloft while the other gave frantic chase. The young captain chuckled quietly as she watched Ai run after Eri in an attempt to get her entertainment back. Just anther day in paradise aboard a female filled pirate ship, especially since they had docked for a few days to stay off the radar.

Most of the other crew mates paused in their work to watch the first mate chase the navigator around the deck glad to have the distraction from their tedious labors. Risa motioned her second mate, Sayumi, to lower the boarding walk so that they could take a real break and lounge around on the lush green island for a while. No sooner did the plank hit land than the rowdy two vacate the ship. “I think we’ve worked long enough today, we can get back to repairs tomorrow.” Risa announced as she made her own way down, eliciting cheers from her crew.

The boyish captain adjusted her hat to better shade herself from the sun’s rays and observed her crew from afar for a moment longer. Jun, the cook, seemed to be describing some kind of feast to a drooling Lin, their former foreign stowaway, while Aika, the ship’s young doctor, chatted amicably with Reina, the ship’s very own angry runaway princess. Risa joined her second mate in watching the two fastest of their crew run around trying to dodge the numerous mud holes left by the last night’s rain.

“How long ‘til you think one of them falls in?” Sayu asked her captain in amusement, not taking her eyes off the navigator.

“Not long now, I’m sure.” Risa answered back easily, trying not to smirk at the passion the bunny was shooting at her long time companion. Eri and Sayu had grown up together in the same orphanage and when Risa had docked her stolen ship at their small port city, the two had done their best to help them escape the law. ‘Them’ being Risa and Ai, who had been together since the beginning; rather, who had been the beginning, for if it hadn’t been for wanting to protect Ai, Risa would never have stolen the ship in the first place.

The first mate was a former prostitute whom Risa had come across just before her execution by stoning. Unable to just stand by and watch, Risa had risked her life to save the poor girl and they had ended up escaping by the skin of Fate’s teeth with their very own warship. That was a story for another day, though, as no sooner did the words leave Risa’s mouth, did Ai finally catch up to the far from slow turtle and tackle her into one of the mud pools, the coveted book flying from Eri’s hand to land safely at the captain and second mate’s feet.

“Aww~! Ai-chan!” Eri complained, struggling to her feet, “Now look at me~” she whined to the smirking first mate.

Whatever Ai’s response was going to be, it was never to be heard as it was quickly drowned out by the hysterical laughter of Risa and Sayumi, pointing and guffawing at their mud covered clothes. Ai and Eri exchanged an evil look before climbing out of the mud and making their way over to their crew mates, arms held open threateningly.

“No! Eri! Don’t you dare get that gunk on my favorite shirt!” Sayu warned, by her friend was having none of it, her slow advance beginning to speed up until she was galloping towards the second mate. Behind her, Ai followed suit towards Risa, the captain quickly losing her mirth at the thought of being covered in mud. The two darted at their friends, the girls giving identical shrieks before taking off into the forest behind them going in opposite directions.

Knowing that she was no match for Ai on flat ground, Risa headed east, away from the sun, climbing swiftly over the fallen limbs and brush in her path towards where she knew a stream was at. Behind her, she could hear her first mate catching up, making monster sounds in between laughter that Risa found quite contagious. Up ahead, the captain saw the light of a clearing and could hear running water and smirked, soon ,Ai would be unable to threaten her with messiness.

Breaking into the clearing, Risa halted short of yet another mud pool, sidestepping quickly when she heard the telltale signs of her friend tramping through behind her. Sure enough, as soon as Ai came charging out from the jungle, she gave a cry and flew face first into the mud again, eliciting more laughter from the captain. “Oh hardy har har.” the first mate said dryly as she slowly stood, “Just wait ’til I get out of here, I’m going to hug you so good.”

She glared up playfully at Risa, the younger girl feeling her breath catch at how breathtaking her friend was, even covered in mud.  She had turned down the beauty before, just after they had met when Ai tried to repay her for the rescue in the only way she knew how to, with her body. The flustered Risa had been only seventeen at the time and sex was something that made her head feel like it would explode if she thought about it for more than an instant. Now, it was becoming increasingly hard to ignore her feelings for the first mate and the thought that had at first made her feel ashamed and shaky, now made her feel warm and giddy.

“Come on, Ai.” Risa whispered huskily to the mussed beauty, “There’s a stream over here, let’s get you cleaned up.” She extended her hand to her friend to help her out of the mud hole. The mischievous first mate immediately took the opportunity to plant muddy hand prints on the captain’s cheeks, sending the younger girl scrambling to wipe the stuff off instinctively. Risa darted over to the stream under Ai’s musical laughter to wash her face thoroughly.

“Hmm, this actually doesn’t feel so bad.” Ai murmured dreamily and Risa heard a strange, wet slapping noise on the ground behind her. When she turned, she saw what appeared to be a pile of muddy rags laying in a heap on the green grass. “It’s smooth and warm and it feels good against my skin.” The captain’s eyes widened as she registered just what she was looking at and she turned around fully to stare at her now naked friend, lounging backwards in the mud pool. “Why don’t you join me, Risa?” Ai invited lustily, “Just take off your clothes and get in with me.”

Before she even realized what she was doing, Risa was shedding her own clothes, following Ai’s order unquestioningly, but when she finally stood naked, under the other’s hungry gaze, she smirked. Instead of jumping into the mud with Ai, she turned to the clear stream and slowly sunk into the tepid waters, “Why don’t you join me, Ai?” she offered, throwing a saucy look at the older girl over her shoulder. They had a silent staring contest for a while, Risa feeling the clear water rushing gently against her bare hips and Ai, sunk comfortably in the warm mud, until Ai smirked widely and slowly stood.

Risa felt her breath catch again as inch by inch, the other’s magnificent body was uncovered, perky breasts, slim waist and flared hips all highlighted by the light colored mud shining on her body. Risa turned as Ai stalked over to her, stomping into the stream without pausing, and embracing her tightly, smearing the dark mud against her bare front. They kissed passionately, not their first time, or even their second and certainly not the last time, hands gripping each other tightly. Risa cupped her hands and brought up the clear water to pour over Ai’s shoulders, washing away a thin layer  of the thick substance. Then she gently caressed those shoulders, wiping away more and more mud and uncovering the flawless skin beneath.

Before she went any lower, the captain paused their passionate actions, “Let’s at least wash some of this out of your hair before it dries.” she advised huskily. Gently, she directed Ai to lean back under her supporting arms and dip her head into the stream. With one hand on the small of the older girl’s back, Risa worked her other through the mud covered hair, massaging the first mate’s scalp soothingly. Everywhere she touched, tingles shot down straight into Ai’s brain. Occasionally, Risa would scrape her fingernails against the sensitive skin and Ai would moan and jerk her body in pleasure. finally deeming her hair clean enough, Risa raised Ai out of the water a little, but kept her in the leaning back position.

The captain used her hand to pour some more of the clear liquid over Ai’s ample chest, gently rubbing and massaging the plump flesh to rid it of the obscuring mud. Risa pinched a hard nipple, twisting it slightly to elicit a satisfying squeak. She gave the other nipple the same attention, switching back and forth until she was sure there was no longer any trace of mud on her friend’s breasts. “I think there’s one place left.” she murmured into Ai’s ear, fingers dancing around the first mate’s belly button, “Spread your legs.” the captain commanded, hand sliding lower into accommodating thighs.

Ai gasped and hissed when those fingers made contact with her burning clit, rubbing playful circles on the sensitized nub for a few minutes before slipping even lower still and dipping inside her slick slit. Her cry was muffled by Risa’s lips as the captain leaned down to claim them, short hair tickling against Ai’s cheeks as two fingers began to pump in and out of her heated opening. Risa increased her pace gradually, until the water was splashing them both in the face with the force of her thrusts. Ai’s tongue began to move sluggishly in Risa’s mouth as she neared her peak and the captain broke away as she broke, wanting to hear her loud cry when she finally came.

In the aftermath, Ai was left slumped against Risa, the captain having to sit on the sloping back of the stream to support both of their weight in the water. She moaned when lips attached themselves to her neck, suckling her pulse point seductively. Without warning, Ai was on her like an animal, restraining her wrists tightly and attacking her breasts with teeth and tongue alike. Risa couldn’t have kept her voice down if she tried, calling out her pleasure unabashedly to the sky. Being so dominated was an aphrodisiac unlike any other she’d ever felt, even rivaling being in her first mate’s arms, and before long, Risa’s hips were squirming underneath Ai’s legs, ready for more.

Sliding down to rest between parted thighs, Ai inhaled the musky scent her lover was giving off, finding it quite pleasant before she dove in with her mouth between Risa’s legs. the captain gave a choked gasp, head tossing this way and that in her pleasure. If it weren’t for Ai’s tight hold on her waist, Risa’s hips would have been floating off the ground, trying to grind more into the pleasure she was feeling. Ai obliged her unspoken request anyway, sucking almost painfully on her throbbing nub before soothing it with her tongue. A few more times and Risa was squealing in orgasm, a quite feminine sound from the boyish captain.

Coming back to herself slowly, Risa found herself with her arms wrapped snugly around Ai’s waist, the older girl nestled lovingly against her shoulder, their feet still dipping into the placidly flowing stream. Words did not need to be spoken, as it had always been obvious what they meant to each other, but Risa felt the need to say them anyway, her declaration bringing happy tears to her first mate’s eyes and yet another meaningful kiss.


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